Ankle Pain

fixing ankle painThere are more than a few possible causes for ankle pain. Some are organic like arthritis, gout and others are trauma related such as a sprain strain. The following are some of the more common causes and solutions to ankle pain that we can help with a pair of orthotics.


The most common thing I see in my patients with ankle pain is the sprain strain. The most common sprain strain is where we go over the outside of the foot. This can leave us with swelling, pain, or even black and blue with swelling if a severe enough sprain strain. Every time we sprain/strain, we stretch the ligaments on the lateral border of the foot/ankle. These never heal 100% and with each subsequent sprain/strain, the condition becomes worse. We then have the capacity to go farther over the lateral edge of the foot before we can react. People who have had an ankle sprain/strain more than once can become chronic ankle strainers. This can become a deleterious condition that is often progressive in nature.

We can help!

More often than not, the talus bone which sits between the tibia and fibula becomes misaligned which can also lead to chronic sprain/strain scenarios. This can in most often be corrected with a mild painless manipulation of the ankle joint. The solution going forward, is a semi-rigid orthotic that will give you earlier feedback when the aberrant motion start to occur. Consider the orthotic somewhat like an early warning system when an ankle sprain/strain might occur. By having a semi rigid device under the foot, you will react faster and have better support in the forefoot thereby reducing the incidence of ankle sprain/strain.

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