Heel Pain

Pain in the heelThe most common cause of heel pain is the heel spur. A heel spur is the result of new bone growth at the front edge of the heel. A common method that creates a bone spur is caused by “Wolff’s Law.” Wolff’s Law is, that bone will adapt to the loads placed upon it. As we stress the arch of our foot, the plantar fascia will translate the stress onto the attachment point on the calcaneus (the heel bone.) Because of this increase in pressure/stress, new bone may form. There are few medical remedies for a heel spur. In some cases if it is severe enough, they may recommend surgery. Needless to say, surgery by its very nature can cause more than a few complications. Therefore, it’s best to try to avoid a surgical intervention if possible. The use of a custom orthotic will slow down the progression of a heel spur. It can also very often reduce or eliminate pain in the heel.

The solution, reduce pressure !

The solution is to try to remove the irritation to the heel spur. This can be accomplished in many cases with a pair of custom orthotics. What we do is to create a small divot under the area affected, thereby relieving pressure on the heel spur. Reducing the pressure under the spur can reduce the irritation. A custom insert will at the very least slow down the progression of new bone growth. In most cases, this will reduce or eliminate the heel pain entirely.

Because every patient is different, it is often helpful to have a complimentary consultation to see if a pair of custom orthotics could help you.

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