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Shin Pain/Shin Splints.

Many people have heard of shin splints, which manifests as pain in the front of the shin. This condition is usually associated with runners but other people can develop them as well. It is also known as anterior compartment syndrome or medial tibial stress syndrome. Shin splints often occur due to a muscle imbalance in the anterior compartment. Therefore, maintaining proper balance between the anterior and posterior compartments is important. A simple rubber band exercise focused on the anterior compartment can often help prevent shin splints. We often recommend rest, ice and other self-care measures. Custom orthotics and modifying your exercise routine can help prevent shin splints from recurring.

Risk factors related to shin splints.

There are more than a few risk factors that can cause shin splints. They often occur when people are changing their exercise levels. People who are most at risk are as follows;

  1. Runners who are increasing the length of their runs.
  2. People in military training (Boot Camp).
  3. Persons who trail run or run on uneven surfaces.
  4. Individuals who work on their feet all day, particularly on hard or uneven surfaces.
  5. Those with excessively high arches or flat feet. Anyone with either type of extreme arch are more susceptible to developing shin splints.

A pair of shock absorbing orthotics can also reduce the pain and dysfunction associated with shin pain.

Solutions for people with shin splints.

First and foremost, wearing good shoes while running is imperative. Secondly, changing up your training to include exercises that strengthen legs, ankles, hips and one’s core. Cross training with activities that don’t cause shock such as biking or swimming also helps.

And of course, a good pair of shock absorbing custom orthotics that support proper mechanics would be in order. At the Orthotic Shop of San Francisco, we have several orthotics proven effective for runners.

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Dr Camp is so compassionate! I came in knowing what I needed (new orthotics) and the specific issues with my feet as a runner. He hooked me up with some custom hardshell orthotics as per my request. After the first run, I knew they fit like a glove! No fatigue in my feet or ankles. No issues with my neuromas AND he added some extras in to allow my toes to reach the perfect angle. Giving me more control and a longer stride. If you’re looking for custom orthotics for daily use or as an athlete, Dr Camp is a perfect choice! Will be seeing him in a year for new orthotics.

Samantha H. 2018

"During the 2003 King of the Bay windsurfing competition I hurt my foot. Thought I was going to have to drop out. Dr. Camp taped me up, sent me back out and I won the contest. Thanks Dr. C for the help with my foot I came out a winner !"

Tyson P. ~2005

As an MD I was a little leery of having my orthotics made by a Chiropractor. After meeting Dr. Camp and talking to him for a while, I was impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. He proceeded to give me one of the most through examinations I have ever had. I have received my orthotics and use them for running and walking, I am very happy with the product. Thank you Dr. Camp for the prompt service and attention to detail.

Dr. D. 2019

Ed Camp is an innovative, approachable and helpful Chiropractic Foot Specialist. He cares about his patients, is interested in finding ways to help them and thinks outside the box, in large part because he seems to have a wider range of tools and approaches than traditional podiatrists. I’ve used him for orthotics and the fit has been excellent. But he also has thoughts and suggestions that go beyond just the orthotic fitting and I have found them very helpful. He just gets it.

Robert W. 2019

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