What conditions can custom orthotics help?

This is by no means a complete list of the many conditions custom orthotics can help. Nor is it a guarantee that custom orthotics can cure or relieve these conditions in every case. My mentor often says, “50% of your patients desperately need a pair of orthotics. The other 50% will only benefit tremendously from having them.” While my own commentary is slightly more reserved, there’s merit to his point. What I can assure you after more than 20 years making custom orthotics for people, the vast majority of people who try a pair of custom orthotics have fabulous results. The common issues appearing below respond well to wearing a pair of custom orthotics.

Conditions that respond well to Custom Orthotics

There are many conditions related to the lower extremity, this is but a partial list of symptoms/conditions that custom orthotics can help. The vast majority of patients who try them find them effective in alleviating their sypmtoms. Feel free to call or email should you have any specific questions about conditions that are not answered by the list below.

Finally, as I stated above this is not by any means a complete list. Should you have any questions about the above conditions, or other conditions custom orthotics can help, please feel free to call and schedule a complimentary consultation. I am happy to show you my lines of custom orthotics, and answer any of your questions as per how they might help you.

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