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Foot orthotics restore your foot’s natural function. More than a few health complaints can be alleviated by the use of foot orthotics. These can include foot pain, knee pain, back pain, heel pain and the list could go on.

When our feet are not functioning properly, the above mentioned things can happen due to improper mechanics of gait. The orthotic devices can support the foot in its neutral position such that the entire mechanics of gait are more efficient, and functional often times helping problems that seem unrelated to the mechanics of our feet.

Orthotics also can take pressure off of point tenderness like bunions, corns, nuromas between the toes and they provide shock absorption for runners and people who work on their feet all day.


Who would benefit from a pair of orthotics?

Almost anyone with foot pain while walking or running. People with structural problems like imbalances in leg length, feet with differing arches, shin splints or other related problems. When one joint in the lower extremity is not functioning its best, the joints above and below start to have issues called “Serial Distortion” that can induce pain in areas distant from the feet like the knees, hips and low back.

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