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I am often asked by my patients why do I need Orthotics.

Custom Orthotics precisely align your feet and legs to maximize your natural mechanics. I don’t prescribe them to correct problems, but to allow your body to have the maximum mechanical potential that you were born with. Think of it sort of like taking your car to get a wheel alignment, the tires WILL last longer with proper maintenance.

There are many conditions that respond favorably to wearing custom orthotics some of which include:

  • Heel spur
  • Shin splints
  • Ankle instability
  • Arch pain (Plantar Fasciitis)
  • Forefoot pain
  • Growing pains in adolescents
  • Injury prevention in athletes
  • Correcting abnormal stresses on ligaments, muscles and joints

Orthotics are helpful if you work on your feet all day, or are active in sports and particularly if you already have pain in the low back and lower extremity.

Improper alignment of your lower extremity makes it more difficult to recover from a wide array of injuries as each step you take exerts abnormal mechanical stresses on the entire kinetic chain from the ground up to the low back.

Orthotics can’t fix everything and are not a magical panacea but they are very helpful to a wide variety of patients with a broad spectrum of complaints. They are certainly a valid addition to any treatment plan dealing with your lower body.

Often times I also recommend exercises, stretches and tissue work. Ice is very helpful in acute patients. As part of a plan orthotics are often underutilized as many practitioners just don’t have enough experience with them.

How do I asses you if you are a candidate for orthotics ?

I provide a complimentary, in which I’ll take a thorough history of your problem, and conduct a physical examination of the lower kinetic chain.

If you choose to go foreword with the purchase of a pair of custom orthotics, I recommend we correct any joint misalignment issues (Though this is not mandatory). I then take a deposit and order the product for you. (There is a freshness factor with my raw materials.) I’ll have you back in a week later and  make the orthotics to fit your corrected alignment which is not a one size fits all situation.

My patients have reported that the orthotics are comfortable and easy to adjust to unlike many of the more rigid versions that are currently popular.

Please feel free to call me at (415) 922-2225 if you have any questions.


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