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What is a custom orthotic ?

An orthotic available over the counter is NOT comparable to a custom orthotic made by your foot care professional. A custom orthotic is built to hold your foot at predetermined angles. If you are in your shoes with the angles correct, you will have the maximum mechanical function of the foot and lower extremity. On a custom insole, you will have better function of your ankle, knees, hips and low back. A custom orthotic will improve one’s overall performance. Custom footbeds that correct mechanical deficiencies will as a biproduct often reduce pain.

How does a custom insert reduce pain?

A custom orthotic insert brings the ground up to meet your foot so that the foot is supported in its optimal neutral position. This will realign the lower extremity to its correct mechanical stance. As a result the joints and muscles of your leg will work more efficiently. This is how a pair of custom orthotics will help to eliminate pain and dysfunction.

We have all heard people speak about how I am an over-pronator, or over-supinator. Some believe they can correct this with a shoe that has different density foam on one side or the other. That is a gross oversimplification. In reality it is important that we both pronate AND supinate as part of our normal gait. Foot pronation is the primary shock absorption in the body. By affecting the process of pronation and supination, a custom orthotic can restore a more normal gait and proper shock absorption thereby reducing pain.

How do I choose what type of orthotic to use?

At the Orthotic Shop of San Francisco, we have several lines of orthotics. They run from semi-custom insert, fully functional foot-bed to full custom orthotic. Our lines can accommodate virtually any shoe, and we have models that are specific to the types of activities you might be doing. Part of our job is to help you pick the orthotic that is right for your full range of footwear and activities.

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Dr Camp is so compassionate! I came in knowing what I needed (new orthotics) and the specific issues with my feet as a runner. He hooked me up with some custom hardshell orthotics as per my request. After the first run, I knew they fit like a glove! No fatigue in my feet or ankles. No issues with my neuromas AND he added some extras in to allow my toes to reach the perfect angle. Giving me more control and a longer stride. If you’re looking for custom orthotics for daily use or as an athlete, Dr Camp is a perfect choice! Will be seeing him in a year for new orthotics.

Samantha H. 2018

"During the 2003 King of the Bay windsurfing competition I hurt my foot. Thought I was going to have to drop out. Dr. Camp taped me up, sent me back out and I won the contest. Thanks Dr. C for the help with my foot I came out a winner !"

Tyson P. ~2005

As an MD I was a little leery of having my orthotics made by a Chiropractor. After meeting Dr. Camp and talking to him for a while, I was impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. He proceeded to give me one of the most through examinations I have ever had. I have received my orthotics and use them for running and walking, I am very happy with the product. Thank you Dr. Camp for the prompt service and attention to detail.

Dr. D. 2019

Ed Camp is an innovative, approachable and helpful Chiropractic Foot Specialist. He cares about his patients, is interested in finding ways to help them and thinks outside the box, in large part because he seems to have a wider range of tools and approaches than traditional podiatrists. I’ve used him for orthotics and the fit has been excellent. But he also has thoughts and suggestions that go beyond just the orthotic fitting and I have found them very helpful. He just gets it.

Robert W. 2019
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